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2020 ceramics, Auckland

New Zealand studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Even though not having access to ceramic studios and kilns slowed down the production process I had planned for the year, the slower pace during these restricted months made for a unique opportunity to revise some processes and take some time to experiment instead. A few of the resulting vessels were a continuation of works made previously while access to slip cast templates made it possible to experiment with shaping and cutting mixed media detail, as well as the new addition of gold leaf.

A few of the works completed during lockdown.

A set of three vessels were made for Seed Gallery's exhibition Gravity and Levity accompanying three related paintings, a set of works was sent to Gallery De Novo in Dunedin and a series was made available on my website shop which you can find the link to at the top of the page.

Ceramics and related paintings at Seed Gallery exhibition, Gravity and Levity, held at the Tuesday Club in September in Auckland.

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