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New Billow Ceramic series

Link to artworks here:

The Billow Vessel series is the latest instalment in my exploration of clay. Produced during lockdown months of 2021 it is a physical rendition of the state of mind and emotional tone of those months. Slightly wonky, sort of shapeless, soft and almost dream-like. A fugue state reflected in a series of vague deflated outlines. As many things in life, even when times are tough, beauty is still present. Colourful nuanced gestural marks, rendered with joy and optimism. A ceramic visual language to reflect and express a period we are still grappling to understand but which I attempt to give a visual/touch language to.

The documentation process of these works was similar – no access to photography studios or equipment I had to make do with what was around me. Using a sawhorse used for making my paintings with a plain white cotton bedsheet as backdrop – fold creases and all. As a whole the images and ceramic works are as accurate as I am able to be. Giving a unique felt experience unique form and a unique visual language of its own.

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