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New commission installations

I’ve been working on my hoop series for a few years now and these works are a really engaging extension of my painting practice.

Each time I go to NZ I have a few people who have approached me for commissions already on my list, I announce remaining availability for hoop commissions and then set a schedule for making the work while I’m home.

6-piece wall installation, "Southern Constellation".

This year, during my stint in New Zealand at the start of the year, I had this same set schedule and it was such a pleasure to make works for a number of families throughout the country.

I’m always surprised by who keeps an eye out so they can get in touch, and how spread out everyone always is. From Dunedin in the South Island to Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Wellington and some tiny spots in between. Works always end up in all corners of the country.

It’s also really lovely to understand how the work fits into the narrative of the person commissioning the piece. For example, this time around a lovely couple was commemorating their 10-years together and commissioned a multiple-hoop wall installation for their living space. Another family wanted the hoops to represent each of their three sons and another wanted the colours in the hoops to be pulled from a photograph of a significant holiday in Bali. The hoops are abstract, simplified colours and forms and allow for quite open interpretation and it’s always a gratifying experience connecting understanding to these formal elements.

Three-piece hoop installation. These had silver leaf detail which catces the light in the morning sunshine.

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