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© 2019 | 2020 Annie Smits Sandano


Crayfish Ed. 3/30


Medium: Hand spray painted and hand painted with acrylic with silk screen print over top. The paper used is a Fine Art heavy stock cotton rag acid-free printmaking paper.

Dimensions: 30 x 50 cm 


Screen printed by hand on individually made colour backgrounds, this series was developed in London. Each image starts off as a free-hand drawing which is translated to a silk screen for printing. Backgrounds are all hand painted with acrylic paints with loose gestural curved gestural shapes and finished with spray paint adding layers and dynamic tonal variations. 


The crayfish imagery is a celebration of this iconic sea creature as a staple emblem of kiwi identity. Crayfish is a celebrated delicacy, often hand harvested and valued as a source of traditional food. Crayfish are more than often eaten as a shared meal, exchanged for favours and given as gestures of thanks. 


Each print is completely unique and the edition is tiny: 30 images only plus 5 Artist Proofs have been carefully made by hand.  


    50cm tall x 35cm wide. 

    Silk screen print on background painted by hand with acrylic and spray paint. 

    Unique piece, from limited edition of 30 only plus 5 Artist Proofs.


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