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© 2019 | 2020 Annie Smits Sandano


I developed my first collection of ceramics in London and Copenhagen in the summer of 2019. Hand building, firing and glazing skills were consolidated and the result was a small cohesive collection of ceramic works expanding my painting practice.

Simplicity, texture contrast and block-like features characterise each work and these pieces articulated a continuum of the paintings I was developing at the time. 

The paintings were characterised by a simplicity and strong focus on their physicality via surface and texture - while also pulling in aesthetic referencing from the Brutalist architecture seen around London:

block colour fields and shapes as well as the materiality of each piece were key.

The collection of ceramic works extended this visual language and was glazed entirely in a simple gloss white - silhouette and mass remaining key to he aesthetic of each piece. In keeping with some of the aesthetic rules of Brutalism, the bare building materials are exposed and you can see the colour of the original clay each piece is constructed from along the base of each piece.

Together the ceramic works stand as a tiny city-scape – a suggested brutalist skyline on a domestic-scale. Their functionality is also key so each performs the role of vessel also – sealed inside and out through the vitrification of the glaze, they hold water and are impervious.