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This is a series I have been excited to launch for a very long time. Each print has it’s own hand painted background, so while being part of a limited edition each image is completely unique - no two are the same.

Initial layers are applied in flat spray paint dollops intermingled with loose gestural acrylic paint swirls with varying opacity. A vibrant colour field is created and then the silk screen layer is applied by hand.


The silk screen layer begins as a free-hand ink drawing with intense detail. Each image is then transposed onto a silk screen using traditional methods. Silk screen printing ink is hand mixed and applied to the screen for printing. The resulting images are a vibrant and exciting juxtaposition of intricate and delicate black line work over the top of relaxed floating colour. They are reminiscent of spray painted walls in urban environments – initially inspired by the mish mash of texture and colour along many of the walls I see around me when traversing London.

The iconic NZ crayfish and NZ Celmisia (or Mt Cook Daisy) were chosen as they are a connective link between a place which is home, New Zealand  - layered over the colours which are the London background. A hybrid of references establishing a new language which articulates both starting points.

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