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Welcome to Dream Pavilion  //

Auckland-based, I created Dream Pavilion with the intention of expanding community, fostering experimentation and building connection between artists and curators from New Zealand and around the world. 

For all Dream Pavilion projects I invite artists to develop work around a specific exhibition theme which has been designed to encourage work that may be experimental and outside their usual repertoire. Works can be made collaboratively with other participating artists they may not have had contact with and allows for new connections, ways of thinking and making.

Works are then curated, installed and exhibited formally within an on-going program.

Dream Pavilion Instagram:  @_dream_pavilion


E x h i b i t i o n s    //

C l o u d    9
Opens July 20th, 2021  at Grey Place,  Auckland 

A  T h i n g   i n   a   R o o m   i n   a   H o u s e   
(More soon

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