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Pushing the edges of my painting and moving into new territories I decided to create works which not only sat within the plane of the canvas/board but also moved through space and included the environment. 


The series of hoop paintings began when pulling apart the base of the tondo paintings I was working on by removing the front of the custom cut boards I have made from their backing hoop structures. The new hoop works felt dynamic and presented the exciting potential of remaining flexible if installed in sets of two or more - affording the person hanging them the freedom to generate their own compositions and enjoy their own personal understanding of the works within their space.


Installations with several hoops could be clustered together or spread apart, compositions were free to occupy a wall by contracting or expanding depending on how they were intended to sit. 


The hoops reiterate the constant of the circular forms which appear throughout my printmaking and painting, and while painted in two dimensions operate as three dimensional object as well - particularly works which have metallic leaf and generate their own light. Refracting gold or silver leaf surfaces further engage the environment via light through exposure to varying light.

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