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New painting now in the Wallace Arts Trust, Auckland

New paintings from London shown by Seed Gallery in Auckland...

"Tulip", mixed media on canvas, part of the recent acquisitions at the Wallace Arts Trust Collection in New Zealand.

Seed Gallery hosted Breaking Ground, a group exhibition of new works by gallery artists. New original paintings works made this year were shown. This was a good platform to show the new works I had been making, with a focus on ceramic pieces and a series of object paintings.

The paintings shown were a mix of works made earlier in the year with pieces chosen by Emma during her studio visit in May. The intention was to show the recent evolution in my practice and display works which created a visual dialogue between each other materially.

Ceramic works made in tandem with object paintings at Tannery Arts Studio in London.

The paintings being made at the time were being created in tandem with a new ceramics series and it was important to show these works together. Being generated simultaneously they offered a new way of understanding painting and ceramics, where they exist as separate works but also how they operate in tandem and can be understood as one. Some of the paintings had crushed ceramic in them, the lush tactile and often thick surfaces were treated in similar ways, assembled, moulded and inviting the viewer to touch.


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