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Hahei Studio/Gallery opening in March 2023

It's been an exciting year-long wait but the Hahei Studio/Gallery is finally finished and ready for visitors. I've spent the past year working on three new purpose-built custom spaces 10 minutes drive from Hahei Beach which I can't wait to open to the public. Nestled on a sloping garden lawn with sweeping views of Mercury Bay there is an artist studio/ceramics space, a purpose-build seasonal gallery and viewing room for client visits by appointment and stock storage space. I've dreamt of having a set up like this for the longest time (the artist studio image folder on my desktop is clogged with ideas, drawings and images) and can't believe these actually finally exist now!!

As a practicing artist for 16 years (can't believe it's been this long!) I've had some amazing spaces to work in - from Queenstown to London, but never had the opportunity to build and organise my own space and customise working areas to my very specific needs. The studio/gallery down Lees Road is intended to bring together three things which are critical to my livelihood: Working space, community and a space to showcase work - mine and in time I'm inviting artist/ceramicist friends and colleagues to exhibit in curated shows. I'll also be hosting ceramics workshops and will be inviting ceramicist friends to teach too as soon as plumbing is complete and I have running water.

So, to inaugurate this whole project, the studio/gallery will be open in the first two weekends of March 2023 during the Mercury Bay Art Escape, an annual open studio event where local artists open their studios to the public. There is a studio guide with a map with studio locations, and people are welcomed into the working space of local practicing artists.

I've been firing the kilns and finishing a series of new paintings for this event, my gallery will be full of new ceramics, paintings, framed and unframed prints ready for March 4th & 5th, and March 11th & 12th. It's a really unique opportunity see work which is only available at the studio, snap up one-off unique pieces which I may not release to my galleries and to see works in person to discuss commissions.

I welcome everyone to come in March if you are able, otherwise you can get in touch with me to set an appointment to come and view works in person at the gallery at another time. Ceramic workshops will also be announced in due course on my social media pages and newsletter. To sign up to my newsletter subscribe here.

Looking forward to this super exciting new evolution, to making new works, visitors and workshops very soon!

For now Hahei Gallery/Studio will will be open to the public March 4th/5th and 11th/12th as part of Art Escape, then by appointment - you can contact me here to make an appointment. As things develop opening hours will change and you can let me know if you want news on the ceramics workshops here.

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