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Sun Seekers solo show at Turua Gallery

Sun Seekers is my second survey solo exhibition at Turua Gallery. My intention is to present a new series of paintings which present new lines of visual investigation and an evolution in my practice since my last show. Works can be enjoyed on their own individually but the experience of being in the gallery immersed in the artworks is also intended to be a part of this show – being in space filled with colour light and movement heightening the sensation.

The series of works is intended to collectively reflect the feeling of a New Zealand summer. Hoop pieces are named after favourite Coromandel beaches, blanket paintings reference the classic wool blankets made in the 50’s – 80’s in wool mills throughout the country used in batches and cribs all over the country and the palette is bold and vibrant. Light is reflected off the gold and silver leaf detail found in many of the works like sunshine and there is a sense of joy and lightness to the works.

The New Zealand native bird series stems from a commission from a client who requested a large painting which combined my abstract form-based explored in my wood cut prints. This opened up a new approach to making paintings which were rooted in figurative elements of New Zelaland iconography culture.

Within this new series the iconic Tui has been chosen as the main focal point for the exploration of colour, composition and movement within the formal development of this series of paintings. This native New Zealand bird is also so deeply rooted in the collective consciousness - from it's song to it's silhouette and the distinctive feather throat plume.

This exhibition opens February 17th at Turua Gallery, St Helier's, Auckland. For more information on the show:


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