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LUSH solo exhibition at Turua Gallery Auckland

Exhibition opening May 7th 2021 from 5-7pm. All welcome. LUSH runs form May 7th- 22nd.

When Melissa and Dean at Turua Gallery, in Auckland, approached me to have a solo exhibition in their space I was really excited that they were receptive to the idea of a survey show with a cross section of my works - like a snapshot into my current practice. The intention of the show was to show original works on canvas, ceramics, hoop installations and hand made prints.

As the show took shape and the collection of works came together it was evident that the pieces are all interconnected - influences from one meduim informs the other. Colour, form and line, as always, are key elements to each piece. These are the primary starting point for each work and each piece finds its resolution when these elements find balance within the confines of the surface they are arranged on.

I am excited to present these works together, my practice at present is unapologetically broad and I am invested in exploring these five key disciplines and consciously integrating one into the next - continuously pushing my practice and finding new ways of registering.

From the exhibition catalogue by Turua Gallery:


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