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Prism exhibition at Thrown Ceramics in London

When gallery director and curator Claire Pearce contacted me about putting together a collection of ceramic works and original works on paper for a group exhibition, Prism, she was organising at Thrown Contemporary, I was really excited. Thrown Contemporary is a London-based gallery specialising in contemporary ceramics, works on paper and canvas and has been exhibiting my work for a year now.

My submission for Prism was started while I was living in London. The clay and paper works are characterised by an in-depth investigation and an intense interest in materiality. Revelling in the material qualities of a wide-ranging selection of media, this ceramic series frequently displays exuberant texture fields, impastos and gestural smears. “Skins” are applied in layers - the material self-arranges across the surface.

The response from collectors in London was amazing, I can't wait to show more pieces at Thrown.

Works by 11 international artists from the Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand and the UK, amongst other countries, have been put together for Prism, The exhibition opens September 9th and I'm very excited to be exhibiting alongside some of my favourite contemporary ceramic artists - Roger Coll, Jo Daives, Arjan Van Dal and Philipp Schenk-Mishke.

There will be a unique aspect to this exhibition where the audience will be hosted via live virtual Private View with a gallery tour and introduction to each artists' work. An exciting new format and mode of presenting work, allowing for an on-depth experience regardless of where the audience is around the world.

Full details on the Thrown Contemporary Gallery website:


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