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Recent hoop commissions

Hoop commission hanging in the main living area of main cottage. Image courtesy of Assembly Architects in Arrowtown, who designed this space for The Cottages at Lake Hayes.

2020 has been a year of commissions. I've been really excited to have been able to produce a series of works for some amazing locations around New Zealand. The process is unique every time, each one with its specific criteria and references. It's always such an exciting process, understanding the intention each person has and where the artwork will hang. Usually works pull colours from a particular palette or from the surrounding environment, paint is layered then left to dry in a series of stages. Then lastly the metal leaf is applied.

Below are a few of the works completed this year. In the coming months I'm looking forward to sharing a few new iterations of the hoops and newly imagined formats which I have been working on behind the scenes.

For more information on hoop commissions please follow this link: COMMISSIONS

Commission installed in a beautiful beach house designed by Scarlet Architects in the Coromandel.


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